Science Identity

Why Does It Matter?

"What does a scientist look like?" by Ines Pineda-Torra, 7 minutes

Changing What a Scientist Looks Like

What does a scientist look like? What do scientists do? What does being a scientist mean? What does it take to become a scientist?

When it comes to success in STEM, students being able to envision themselves as scientists plays a crucial role in whether or not they pursue a career in STEM. Students who excel academically in STEM subjects may not pursue a STEM career if they do not see themselves as scientists or if they are not welcomed by the scientific community.

Understanding their current views of being a scientist, teachers can support the development of their students' STEM identities.

About the Instrument

The Science Identity survey aims to understand how much being a scientist is a part of the participant's identity and how they view themselves in relation to the scientific community.

There are 6 questions included in the survey. Details about the questions and where they come from can be found in the document attached to this page.



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