Why Does It Matter?

Disabilities may be seen or unseen by others and may seriously impact an individual's quality of life.

Individuals with disabilities may experience discrimination and challenges living in a society not built for them, which impacts health and function.

Learn more about disability advocacy in Oregon

Learn more about work being done to bring attention to unseen disabilities

This page contains a list of organizations and programs for anyone with a disability who is interested in STEM.

Phrasing for START's disability questions, as well as rationale and considerations, can be found in the attached document. Please note that phrasing is described as "health and service differences" as recommended by McGee (2020).

Core resources and references:

  • McGee, M.G. (2020). Race, ethnicity, language and disability (REALD) implementation guide. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Health Authority, Equity and Inclusion Division. (REALD site; link to survey instrument (English - PDF) and Implementation Guide PDF)