Why Does It Matter?

"The Power of Belief -- Mindset and Success" by Eduardo Briceno, 11 minutes

Mindset Impacts STEM Program Outcomes

Is intelligence fixed? While the question is simple enough, the answer you get tells you a lot. A growth mindset nurtures persistence in the face of adversary. It changes the perspective from "I can't do X because I am not smart enough" to "I can't do X yet, but by learning more, I will eventually be able to."

In the accompanying TED talk, Eduardo Briceno explains the importance to developing a growth mindset. Check it out!

About the Instrument

The Mindset survey is designed to build understanding for how students view their intelligence. These 5 questions ask about how flexible or rigid the person taking the survey believes intelligence to be.

Beliefs regarding the flexibility and rigidity of intelligence translates to whether the participant has a growth mindset and fixed mindset at the time that they are taking the survey.

Just as intelligence is not fixed, mindset is also not fixed. Students who take the survey may score differently across two time points, depending on their individual circumstances.

The nature of a fixed mindset is that things cannot change, so students need external support to develop a growth mindset. Additionally, students who score high in this survey need to be encouraged and reassured. Understanding where students lie on this scale is the first step to figuring out how to support them.



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