Motivational Resilience

Why Does It Matter?

"From stress to resilience" by Raphael Rose, 13 minutes 

Resilience Helps Us Cope with Adversity

In the pursuit of a career in STEM, being resilient is a vital component of student success. Motivational resilience is the ability of a person to continue working towards their objective (whether that is to complete a project or graduate with a degree) after experiencing stressful situations, new challenges, and failure.

Dr. Lucy Hone discusses developing resilience in the face of loss. These strategies can also be useful for developing resilience in STEM.

About the Instrument

The Motivational Resilience survey has 12 questions and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

These questions revolve around how the participants think they respond to challenges faced while learning about science and their general attitude towards science.

Like every other measure included in START, a participant's motivational resilience may vary from time to time depending on personal circumstances and availability/presence of external support.