Life Satisfaction

Why Does It Matter?

“Try something new for 30 days” by Matt Cutts, 3 minutes

Many factors influence an individual’s feelings of satisfaction with their life. The video on the left describes the lighthearted way computer programmer Matt Cutts started a habit of 30-day challenges to try new things he had always been curious about as a way to alleviate the feeling of being stuck in a rut. The results of these challenges were improved self confidence, self efficacy, and an ability to make sustainable changes to enhance his experience of life (TED-Ed. 2013).

About the Instrument

The Life Satisfaction survey aims to assess an individual’s well-being, and is one of the most extensively used and validated instruments in well-being research (Kobau et al., 2010).

There are 5 questions included in the Life Satisfaction survey, and takes 2-4 minutes to complete. Details about the questions and where they come from can be found in the document attached to this page.

Photo by Artsy Solomon from Pixabay

Life Satisfaction


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